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Click to enlargeSuper Sexy Vampire - aka "dirty duds done dirt cheap"
Super Sexy Vampire (or, dirty duds done dirt cheap) ~ by Irene Smith Writing Wrongs

You've been invited to a few Halloween parties, or your hitting a club for their party/contest. Store bought costumes are kind of cheesy looking. The really good ones, from a really good costume store are far too expensive. But you just have to be a knockout at those parties, and you LOVE vampires. It can be done.

Buy one round tub of a decent creamy white base Halloween make up, the less greasy the better, use it very sparingly, you are not doing clown face, you are doing "I'm dead but still sexy face." After you apply, blot with soft tissue, do not rub or wipe, just blot. then apply Ammens medicated powder, mixed with a bit of grey eye shadow (not shimmer eye shadow, flat matte),using a large blush brush. Be sure to include your neck, blending down toward cleavage. Use grey eye shadow as you would real blush, or wherever you wish to add contour. You can go as scary as you wish with contours, but if you want to keep it sexy creepy, don't go too far. If you wish, you can add a "widow's peak" with plain old black eyebrow pencil. This is a "true, old fashioned" vampire look, as the gorgeous vampires on True Blood just look like pale people, not enough drama for a Halloween vampire. An inexpensive tube of black lipstick is great for your lips. Apply your eye make-up very dramatically. Sweep a medium shade across the entire lid, apply a very dark shadow in a color complimenting your eye color, on the outer edge and in the crease, the dark color should be like a letter V sideways at outer lids. Now blend carefully with an eye shadow brush from outer to inner lid. Use white on outer brow bone, the medium shade at inner brow bone. Do a very precise and sweeping black eyeliner top and bottom. If you don't mind them, you really should use false eyelashes to add drama. Lots of mascara, but do not clump. Accentuate your eyebrows a bit more than usual, perhaps making them pointier at the arch. Take a plain old black eyebrow pencil, and make two "bite/puncture" holes on your neck. If you don't want to buy the cheap tube of fake blood, draw two or three "blood" marks of red lipstick with a thin brush or a Q-tip after removing lots of the cotton. Don't even bother with fangs as the cheap ones are annoying and the expensive ones are ridiculously expensive. Look at you, you vampy vamp!

Hair: For this "old fashioned" vampire look, it would be great if you did a black temporary color, then use white spray to do the "wings" of a vampire. If you can't be bothered with this and have long hair, pull it up in a tight ponytail, if its short, do a sexy wet look, combed back. You could also wear a thick, soft black headband or "turban" look. If you do this, add a blingy pin for drama.

Clothes: A cape would be your most expensive investment for this look. Or you could even buy a children's size black cape, as it does not need to be long, it just really completes the look. Prior to wearing, hang it up in the bathroom and steam the bathroom up so it is not wrinkled. You can get a cheap gold plastic traditional vampire neck medallion with a "ruby" and a red velvet "choker" for a couple of bucks. If you have a really nice black bathing suit, use that. If you have an old fashioned black body suit, use that. The sexier the better. Now, take a black skirt you will never wear again, or get a cheap one from a thrift shop. Starting at the hem and working your way up, cut jagged vertical strips up going no further than two inches from the waistband. Wear sheer to the waist black pantyhose or black tights under that body suit, and your very sexiest black heels. If you're doing this for a Halloween party at a club, this is so sexy when you are dancing. If you are not this brave, black leggings and a sexy black top are fine also. But why not show off those legs!

Black nail polish is a must.

By the way, all of this will take you a while to do, your face of course, will be the longest. Allow yourself an hour and a half at least. Have a great time! Oh, and when you and your significant other get home from the party, a little Halloween role play is a must! If there is no significant other, you're going to meet someone with this costume! This technique has won a couple of contests over the years also!

Happy Halloween!

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